About us

Pradus As A Business

Pradus was formed as a business by a team of founders who are passionate about delivering excellence in business. Having worked for other businesses as staff and delivered excellent results, we enjoyed the delight expressed by both employers and clients. This therefore become a huge motivation in launching Pradus as an entity on its own to further provide excellent services on a larger scale.
Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to be the No 1 company of choice for Corporate businesses in the provision of Security and Cleaning Services in the UK. We believe the following values will aid us in realizing our vision;

Integrity and Honesty

We are committed to building our business on the strong foundation of integrity and honesty. We will tell you exactly as it is.

Positive Ambition

We are ambitious and we motivate our staff to be very ambitious too. However, it is always positive ambition. We wouldn’t take up more work than we can deliver!

Complete Commitment

We want you to value our words. Once you hire us as your preferred service partner, we remain totally committed to playing our positive part in your success.

When you succeed, we succeed too!

Pradus is your Security and Cleaning company of choice!